AAA Battery Tender

Stop a dead battery before it stops you

Did you know you can save the battery life of your car, RV, motorcycle, boat, personal watercraft, or snow vehicle by investing in a AAA Battery Tender?

If you own a vehicle that isn’t driven for a week or longer, including RV, motorcycle, boat, personal watercraft, snow vehicle, collector car, or even a riding mower that gets seasonal use, a AAA Battery Tender is an affordable way to keep lead-acid batteries strong, especially for vehicles prone to losing their charge in as little as a week of inactivity. Don’t let a parked vehicle present you with a premature bill for a replacement battery.

AAA Battery Tenders from Deltran use state-of-the-art technology to correctly charge and maintain your battery so your vehicle is ready to go whenever you are. AAA Battery Tenders assure high quality, fast-charging convenience and performance and can save hundreds of dollars in replacement batteries.

The AAA Battery Tenders are designed to fully charge and maintain proper voltage for a wide variety of lead-acid vehicle batteries. The devices use microprocessor controlled multi-step “smart” charging and maintenance, and are available for purchase online from AAA Battery Service technicians.

Save the battery life of your vehicle by investing in AAA Battery Tender. AAA members receive exclusive discounted prices beginning at $34.95 and a member-only extended warranty.

Call us directly at 310.329.8910 and schedule an appointment to purchase a battery tender here at our AAA Approved Automotive Repair facility or request a battery tender when calling for mobile battery service.